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Immigration News Today: 2,000 Migrants Flee Floyd Bennett Field Tent Shelter Amid Storm

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New York

NYC decision to move migrants from tent shelter to a school amid storm draws fire:

Hundreds of migrants were moved from the Floyd Bennett Field tent shelters to a high school, drawing criticism from parents and immigrant advocates alike. — NBC News

Amid backlash, Adams defends housing migrants at high school:

Adams said he was “not going to put children in harm’s way,” even if it inconvenienced other people by moving the migrants to the school. — ABC 13

New Jersey is down to about 1 migrant bus arrival a day, Gov. Murphy says:

Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration sent a letter to nearly two dozen bus companies asking for 32 hours’ notice before migrant buses arrive, the same as New York City. — Gothamist

Food delivery workers, overlooked in life, are honored in death:

A Facebook page chronicles the deaths of dozens of bike-riding workers who delivered food in New York City, lionizing them as fallen heroes. — The New York Times

Washington D.C.

GOP opens first Mayorkas impeachment hearing with no evidence of high crimes:

Republicans have struggled to make the case that their policy complaints support charges of high crimes and misdemeanors against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. — The New York Times

Migrant work permits now on the table in Senate border negotiations:

Many local and state officials want to let migrants receive work permits, though a policy change would not apply to migrants already waiting for their asylum cases to be heard. — POLITICO

Leading Democrats once supported immigration enforcement measures. Today, not as much:

Today, liberals describe border security measures that the Democratic Party once would have favored as severe, cruel or “Trump-era.” — The New York Times

Trump’s detention surge failed to significantly increase removals:

The libertarian Cato Institute suggests more effective approach to address the border issue is to facilitate legal immigration. — CATO Institute

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