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Immigration News Today: Biden Will Shut Down Texas-Mexico Border With Congress Deal

Nancy Chen

Jan 30, 2024

President Joe Biden speaks to the press.

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New York

Congress in rare agreement on e-bike battery bill pushed by NY Reps:

A bill is pending in Congress asking the Consumer Product Safety Commission to explicitly mandate federal standards for the safe construction and importation of batteries. — THE CITY

At Brooklyn’s Palestinian-owned eatery Ayat, a Shabbat dinner and discourse around war:

Palestinian-owned restaurant Ayat in Brooklyn hosted a free Shabbat dinner for Jews, Arabs, and others grieving the war in Gaza. — The Gothamist

Around the U.S.

Migrants shelter inside Boston’s Logan International Airport:

There is a shortage in Massachusetts’ immigration legal services, and it is demanding Congressional action and support. — NBC News

Trump praises Texas governor as state clashes with White House over immigration:

“When I’m president, instead of trying to send Texas a restraining order, I will send them reinforcements,” former President Donald Trump said in Las Vegas. — ABC News

Washington D.C.

Immigration emerges as key 2024 election wedge issue for Trump, vulnerability for Biden:

Biden pledged to reverse Trump’s immigration policies but in fact is considering compromise with the Republicans for an immigration bill amid border challenges. — ABC News

Biden says he would shut down U.S.-Mexico border “right now” if Congress sends him a deal:

“A bipartisan bill would be good for America and help fix our broken immigration system and allow speedy access for those who deserve to be here, and Congress needs to get it done,” President Joe Biden said. — PBS Newshour

Could Biden really “shut down” the border?

Biden’s proposal to shut down the border is met with concern from current and former DHS officials due to logistical challenges and the need for Mexican cooperation. — NBC News

Nancy Chen

Hongyu (Nancy) Chen is a Chinese-English bilingual reporter who graduated from Columbia Journalism School. She writes about immigrant communities and older adults in New York City. She also specializes in documentary filmmaking. Prior to Columbia, she studied International Relations at the Australian National University.



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