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Immigration News Today: Four Migrants Have Not Been Arrested After Attacking NYPD Officers

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New York

GOP women’s group launches new ad in New York special election:

Winning for Women Action Fund, a group supporting female Republican candidates, launches a “six-figure” digital ad buy. — NBC News

Four reported migrants who attacked NYPD officers have not been arrested in Arizona, officials say:

The people in custody do not match the identities or names of those involved in the New York attack, law enforcement officials said. — NBC News

Around the U.S.

Hospitalized Texas Democrat Al Green rushed to Capitol for impeachment vote in scrubs, saving Mayorkas:

The Houston Democrat was recovering from abdominal surgery and made a surprise appearance in Capital, which sank the impeachment vote. — Texas Tribune

Where voters stand on immigration:

42% of Americans overall – including 72% of Republicans – said they felt that if the U.S. is too open, according to the latest PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll. — PBS Newshour

Washington D.C.

(Opinion) This immigration bill was never going to fix the border:

Bipartisan immigration reform bill released in Washington, but slim chance of reaching the president’s desk, as House speaker describes it as “dead on arrival.” — The New York Times

What’s in the Senate’s sweeping $118 billion immigration and foreign aid bill?

Conservatives raise significant concerns, doubting if the bill effectively terminates the “catch and release” program, allowing undocumented immigrants into the country to await processing. — PBS Newshour

Failure of border bill creates a political opening for Biden:

Biden could gain a political upper hand from a failing bill as he can blame Trump disrupted it. — CNN

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