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Immigration News Today: Bail Set for Migrants Accused in Times Square Assault on NYPD

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New York

Could Democrat Tom Suozzi’s campaign on immigration help his party win nationally?

“Democrats shouldn’t generalize from this outcome. Suozzi had 100 percent name recognition. He won handily. It was about him, not about issues,” said veteran New York Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf. — ABC News

Bail set in Manhattan court for five migrants accused in Times Square assault on NYPD:

They are all Rikers Island-bound, with varying bail amounts set for each. — New York Daily News

Around the U.S.

5-year-old migrant boy who got sick at a temporary Chicago shelter died from sepsis, autopsy shows:

His death raised concerns about conditions at shelters and questions about how Chicago responded to migrants unaccustomed to the city’s cold winters and with few local contacts. — Spectrum News

Judge expresses skepticism at Texas law that lets police arrest migrants for illegal entry:

It would be a “nightmare” if the U.S. became a patchwork of states enforcing different immigration laws, said U.S. District Judge David Ezra. — NBC News

(Opinion) “We must protect the right to seek asylum“:

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights allows a petition against the U.S. concerning Haitian deportations to proceed, citing human rights violations. Concerns over family separation and inadequate immigration policies persist. — The Hill

Washington D.C.

Progressives are uneasy with Democrats tilting right on immigration after N.Y. race:

“Long term for the Democratic Party, we have to get back with the American people on the idea that immigration is a good thing,” Rep. Greg Casar, D-Texas, said. — NBC News

ICE conducts single adult, family unit removal flights Feb. 16:

These included removal flights to Central America, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. — ICE

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