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Immigration News Today: A Thousand Migrants Slept Outside or in Subways, NYC Official Survey Says

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New York

Their asylum case seems strong. But instead of hope, they feel despair:

Fleeing political persecution in Guinea, a family has been evicted from a New York City homeless shelter, questioning if they should have ever come. — The New York Times

A thousand migrants slept outside or in subways, NYC official survey says:

Despite the winter weather, more migrants have been sleeping on the streets, in subways and in shelters set up by outside groups. — THE CITY

Around the U.S. 

Border security remains bipartisan concern in Texas:

Most Democrats still oppose Gov. Greg Abbott’s strict enforcement measures, but increasing numbers are starting to support these kinds of policies, a survey found said. — ABC News 

Chicago closes 4 migrant shelters amid lull in arrivals:

Amid a seasonal decline in border crossings, four shelters in Chicago’s North Lawndale and on the North Side accommodating some 400 individuals were shut down. — Chicago Sun Times

(Opinion) Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s unconstitutional, anti-immigrant stunt must be rejected by the courts:

A columnist argues a judge must invalidate Senate Bill 4, which would mandate Texas law enforcement arrest anyone they believe entered the country illegally. — Los Angeles Daily News

Washington D.C.

U.S. expands visa restrictions on transportation operators over migration:

The restrictions will target companies providing transportation services for people migrating “irregularly” to the U.S. — VOA News

(Interactive) Worried about immigrants overwhelming the U.S.?

Take this quiz to test your knowledge about immigrants in the U.S. — Washington Post

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