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Immigration News Today: NYPD Stun Guns a Migrant Father Holding His Baby

Nancy Chen

Mar 14, 2024

Migrants board buses headed to the humanitarian relief center in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Photo: Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio

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New York

Next phase of state budget negotiations begins:

Sources said New York City may be granted at least $2.4 billion to help fund the migrant crisis as part of an agreement. — Spectrum News

Controversy swirls following violent altercation between NYPD and migrant family at Queens shelter:

NYPD deploys stun gun on migrant holding baby at Queens shelter, leading to arrest of the parents and temporary removal of their children. — CBS News

Around the U.S.

Migrants mired in transit as Mexico becomes US’s immigration enforcer:

“López Obrador has been very willing to trade the rights of migrants and asylum seekers for political capital in Washington,” said Ari Sawyer, a researcher at Human Rights Watch. — The Guardian

Border shooting in San Diego County: Marksman killed man assaulting migrants, feds say:

Border patrol marksman fatally shot a 32-year-old Mexican man threatening migrants with a firearm near the California-Mexico border. — Los Angeles Times

U.S. legal immigration policy should prioritize the economy, experts argue:

Experts argue that the U.S. immigration system heavily favors family sponsorships over economic needs, with less than 1% of those seeking permanent residence able to do so legally. — NBC Los Angeles

Washington D.C.

Biden enlists local officials to revive immigration deal:

Biden urges local officials to lobby Congress for bipartisan border security bill to support cities dealing with surge of migrants. — Wisconsin Examiner

(Opinion) Americans prefer Trump on immigration. Just not his actual policies:

Americans generally have positive views of legal immigrants and favor making it easier to immigrate, but are divided on Trump’s immigration policies, including detention camps and deportations. — Washington Post

Nancy Chen

Hongyu (Nancy) Chen is a Chinese-English bilingual reporter who graduated from Columbia Journalism School. She writes about immigrant communities and older adults in New York City. She also specializes in documentary filmmaking. Prior to Columbia, she studied International Relations at the Australian National University.



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