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Immigration News Today: NYC Wants to Give Voting Rights to Green Card Holders

Just have a minute? Here are the top stories you need to know about immigration. This summary was featured in Documented’s Early Arrival newsletter. You can subscribe to receive it in your inbox three times per week here.

New York

NYC Council announces appeal of ruling that invalidated city’s noncitizen voting law:

NYC Council appeals to State Court of Appeals to reverse ruling invalidating noncitizen voting law, seeking to empower noncitizen New Yorkers to vote. — New York Daily News

Growing state safety net gives a boost to some new migrants:

New York State’s Safety Net Assistance program has seen a sharp increase in the number of asylum-seekers and refugees benefiting from the initiative. — The City

Around the U.S.

Two men indicted in deaths of Indian migrant family at Canada-US border:

Steve Shand and Harshkumar Patel attempted to bring and transport illegal immigrants to the US, causing four deaths. — South China Morning Post

Research shows immigrants benefit U.S. taxpayers:

Research shows that immigrants provide significant fiscal benefits to U.S. taxpayers, with increased labor supply leading to enormous economic growth and reduced budget deficits. — Forbes 

Protesters march in downtown Dallas against controversial Texas immigration law SB4:

Over 200 protesters participated in the march, calling for a permanent end to SB4. — NBC News

NGO helping migrants stock up for passage through dangerous Darién Gap:

Migrants fleeing Haiti are receiving health care and supplies from a nonprofit in Colombia before embarking on the dangerous journey through the Darién Gap. — News Nation Now

A migrant mother’s struggle to get back her son:

A Honduran immigrant in South Florida struggles to reunite with her son after fleeing her abusive husband, facing legal and language barriers. — The New York Times

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