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Immigration News Today: What’s Next for US-Mexico Border Policy?

Nancy Chen

Jun 18, 2024

Former President Donald Trump and Border Patrol head Rodney Scott at the southern border in 2020.

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Washington D.C.

What’s next for US-Mexico border policy?

Experts say immigration will remain central in the leadup to the election due to humanitarian concerns, policy disagreements, and voter anxiety. — ProPublica

ACLU, migrant rights groups challenge Biden’s asylum crackdown:

Their lawsuit alleges Biden’s asylum restrictions implement a screening policy that systematically rejects individuals seeking refuge from persecution, torture and death. — Spectrum News

New York

From backyard matches to the World Cup, cricket is a family affair for New York’s Caribbean community:

As the U.S. hosts its first Cricket World Cup, the sport that’s new to American audiences has been thriving among immigrant communities for generations. — Documented

NYC nonprofit plans weddings for asylum seekers:

Weddings orchestrated by the nonprofit The Little Shop of Kindness humanize and support asylum seekers as they adjust to life in New York City. — Documented

After altercation video goes viral, NYC migrant street vendors get an assist:

“What we’ve found is most people are selling candies or vending fruits out of necessity or familiarity, not because they actually want to,” one advocate said. — Gothamist

Fiction film “The Long Walk of Carlos Guerrero,” set to screen June 26:

A Mexican immigrant without documents leaves New York to return to Mexico to say goodbye to his gravely ill mother, encountering life-changing choices. — Palabra

Around the U.S. 

California asks feds to let detained immigrants stay in the U.S. during jail investigation:

OSHA is investigating workplace violations at the Golden State Annex ICE Detention Center. — California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice

Migrants get 6 months of housing under new Chicago shelter plan:

Chicago’s new migrant shelter at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church allows residents to stay past a typical 60-day limit. — Newsweek

How to get free birth control regardless of immigration status in Illinois:

An Illinois program lets anyone access temporary coverage for reproductive health services, including birth control and STD testing. — Borderless

Family reunited 3 years after being ripped apart at Kabul airport:

In April, Albina Roman and her daughter reunited with their family in Los Angeles after nearly three years, overcoming separation and hardships in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. — CNN

Nancy Chen

Hongyu (Nancy) Chen is a Chinese-English bilingual reporter who graduated from Columbia Journalism School. She writes about immigrant communities and older adults in New York City. She also specializes in documentary filmmaking. Prior to Columbia, she studied International Relations at the Australian National University.



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