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GEO Group

GEO Group is the largest private prison company, and makes millions off detention contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Aug 25, 2020

GEO Group is the largest private prison company in the United States. According to its most recent annual company filings, GEO accumulated $166.66 million in revenue in 2019, and 28% of that was generated through contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As of 2019, the company operates 12 detention facilities with ICE contracts, including the Karnes Family Residential Center in South Texas. That facility has been at the center of several notable controversies over the years due to its mistreatment of immigrant detainees.

In December 2019, GEO Group entered into two new contracts with ICE to build two facilities in California, and incorporated three other facilities as ‘annexes’ for potential detainee overflow. The contracts are expected to bring in over $200 million in annualized revenue for GEO.

GEO Group has also been accused of profiting from President Trump’s immigration policies, especially the zero tolerance policy that caused the separation of thousands of families at the U.S. southern border in 2018. Its stock bumped up dramatically after Trump’s election, and it donated $250,000 to Trump’s inaugural committee. GEO Group’s founder has given more than $514,800 to elect Republicans in 2020. In total, its officials have given more than $1.7 million to 2020 campaigns, mostly to Republicans.



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