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Behind The Scenes: At The Mercy Of The Courts, One Family’s Harrowing Journey (Podcast)

We spent a year investigating the impact of Trump's policies on New York's immigration courts. After watching hundreds of hearings a day, here are some details of what we found.

For three months, Documented sent a team of reporters to cover New York City’s immigration courts and observe the numerous ways the Trump administration has upended it. We called the project Immigration Court Watch. Here are all the articles.

Read the original story: Documented and Latino USA Follow One Family’s Harrowing Journey Through the Immigration Courts

On NPR online today: co-founders Max Siegelbaum and Mazin Sidahmed gave a behind the scenes look at Documented and Latino USA’s collaboration, which was guided by Type Investigations. Host Maria Hinojosa sat down with them to talk about what they observed in New York’s immigration courts, and how federal policy changes have impacted the people moving through them.

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