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New Immigrant Detention Center in Pennsylvania is Underway

Plus: San Jose apologizes for 1887 Chinatown destruction, and Texas military builds temporary fences on the U.S.-Mexico border

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A new federal immigration detention center will open in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, a month after the state’s York County prison terminated its contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. On Tuesday, Clearfield County Board of Commissioners approved and signed a five-year contract with ICE and the GEO Group. The for-profit prison operator plans to turn the former Clearfield County Prison into a detention and processing center for individuals who violate federal immigration laws. Roughly 1,900 immigrant detainees could be held in the facility, but no more than 800 will be held due to COVID-19 safety. 90.5 WESA 

In other national immigration news…

San Jose Apologizes for Chinatown Destruction in 1887

California’s San Jose was once one of the largest Chinatowns in the state, and served as the center of life for Chinese immigrants who worked on nearby farms and orchards. But in 1887, arsonists burned the area down. On Tuesday, the San Jose City Council unanimously approved a resolution to apologize to Chinese immigrants and their descendants for the city’s role in “systemic and institutional racism, xenophobia, and discrimination.” Back in May, Antioch, California, apologized for the mistreatment of Chinese immigrants, who built tunnels to get home from work since they were banned from walking the streets after sundown. Over the years, many cities, especially in the Pacific Northwest, have apologized to the Asian community. The Associated Press 

Organizations File Amicus Brief for Muslim Communities

The organizations Asian Americans Advancing Justice, the Asian Law Caucus and Creating Law Enforcement Accountability and Responsibility filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of Muslim communities’ right to hold the government accountable for unlawful surveillance. “For decades, the U.S. government has subjected Muslim communities — including Black Muslims and immigrants — to discriminatory and pervasive surveillance on a wholly impermissible basis: our religious, racial, and ethnic identities,” said Hammad Alam, Staff Attorney and Program Manager in the National Security and Civil Rights program at Asian Law Caucus. Deanna Garcia for Documented.

Texas Military Building ‘Temporary’ Border Fences at Del Rio

The Texas Military Department, including National Guard units, have built miles of “temporary” wire border fencing on private borderlands in Del Rio. Officials said this fencing could be extended to other parts of the U.S.-Mexico border. Lt. Col. Rodney Kelley, director of training and military operations for the Texas Military Department, said the agency built about three miles of border fencing and is gathering teams to complete “a quarter-mile to one-half mile” each day. The Texas Department of Public Service began the project in July and under Gov. Greg Abbott’s orders. Kelley claimed the fence is “specifically to safeguard Texans and their property.” Border Report 

Florida Gov. Sues Biden Administration Over Immigration Policy

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed an order Tuesday blocking state agencies from aiding in the relocation of undocumented immigrants arriving in the state. The state also filed suit against the Biden administration and claimed President Joe Biden’s immigration policy is illegal. Under DeSantis’ order, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Highway Patrol have power “to detain any aircraft, bus, or other vehicle within the State of Florida reasonably believed to be transporting illegal aliens to Florida from the Southwest Border.” Spectrum News 

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