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Border Patrol Car Chases Renew Demands for Accountability

Plus: New York among states with most outbound moves in 2021, and public charge case heads to Supreme Court

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An increasing number of deaths during patrol car chases at the southern border has led advocates to demand accountability from Customs and Border Protection. A new fact sheet from ACLU Texas indicates there were an average of 3.5 deaths in car chases per year between 2010 and 2019, but that the number has significantly increased since then. There were 14 deaths in 2020 and 21 in 2021, with the most recent death occurring on Christmas day. A recent investigation reveals that Border Patrol knew the identity of an injured victim, Erik A. Molix, yet made no effort to reach out to his family. Molix died at the hospital 12 days after the incident. CBP said it had no obligation to inform his family since he wasn’t in Border Patrol custody. New York Times

In other national immigration news…

New York Among States With Most Outbound Moves

New York state ranked third among states with the highest rate of outbound migration in 2021, data by moving companies U-Haul and United Van Lines found. New York’s migration rate was only lower than New Jersey and Illinois’. United Van Lines reported that last year, about 29% of New York residents relocated following their retirement, and another 29% moved for family purposes. Living expenses, jobs and lifestyle also led to moves. The newly released data aligns with the U.S. Census Bureau’s figures, which show that more than 352,000 New Yorkers left for other states between April 2020 and 2021. Albany Business Review

Arizona AG Prepares for Public Charge Supreme Court Case

Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich is preparing his Supreme Court arguments for a case next month over the Trump-era “public charge” rule, which the Biden administration dropped last year. The policy, introduced in 2019, sought to redefine the term “public charge” to disqualify legal immigrants who are likely to depend on welfare benefits from obtaining permanent residency or a green card. Brnovich is defending the policy, claiming it will help sure public welfare programs are not expended. Fox News

New Law Requiring Contracts for Home Workers Kicks Off in Chicago

A new law took effect this month in Chicago with a goal of bringing structure and accountability to the city’s informal economy. The law requires employers in Chicago to give a written contract to domestic workers such as nannies, home care workers and cleaners. It mandates mutually-agreed terms such as wages, schedules, and job responsibilities. It must also be written in the worker’s language of preference and is subject to an annual review, and must be modified upon any changes to the worker’s duties. WTTW

Mexico to Require Visas for Venezuelans

The government of Mexico announced it will require travel visas for Venezuelans beginning Jan. 21, following an increased number of migrants heading to the United States through the border shared with Texas. It comes after the suspension of a 17-year-old policy that had allowed Brazilian citizens into Mexico without a visa after it became clear many migrants intended to reach the U.S. Thousands of Venezuelans who had fled their country’s economic and political crisis received temporary legal residency under the Biden administration last year. NBC News

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