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New Jersey Announces $11 Million Health Care Plan for Undocumented Children

Plus: Survivors of the Bronx fire say New York City isn’t doing enough, and home health workers call unpaid wages settlement insulting

In his state budget announcement yesterday, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy included a potential $11 million health care plan for undocumented children. “Through this budget, we will continue to support our ‘cover all kids’ initiative that is ensuring that every child in New Jersey has access to health care,” Murphy said. More than 26,000 residents under the age of 21 have been enrolled in the initiative since last year. It’s unknown how many children who were ineligible due to immigration status would benefit from the proposed NJ FamilyCare expansion, but advocates estimate the number could exceed 20,000. New Jersey Monitor

In other local immigration news…

Pregnant, Sick, Homeless and Afraid: Survivors of Twin Parks Fire Say City Isn’t Doing Enough

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More than two months after a fire in the Twins Park apartment building in the Bronx killed 17 people and left dozens more without homes, just 10% of the emergency fund raised for tenants has been distributed. New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ office raised over $2.5 million for the former tenants, and celebrities, such as Cardi B, paid for the victims’ funerals. But the mayor’s office has so far distributed just $265,500 to the families while also providing meals. “We don’t know where that money is going,” said Ariadna Phillips, the founder of South Bronx Mutual Aid. “The fund has no accountability and has zero transparency.” The families affected by the fatal incident are now faced with a difficult choice: return to their smoke-damaged homes or move into another hotel contracted by the city. Continue reading on Documented

$30 Million Settlement for Unpaid Wages is an Insult, Home Health Aides Say

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Home health care aides and advocates protested in Chinatown yesterday to denounce the recent $30 million arbitrary settlement between 42 agencies and 120,000 workers represented by the largest healthcare union in the nation, SEIU1199. The protest was organized by Ain’t I A Woman?!, and some attendees held up signs that read “historic insult” to react to the settlement that ends their years-long battle to end 24-hour-day shifts and receive unpaid wages. “One day amounts to 11 hours of unpaid wages,” Yolanda Zhang, one of the organizers, told the attendees. “How many hours, minutes, or even seconds will the workers receive from the settlement? Tell them now.” The settlement is just a third of the $90 million one of the 42 agencies, CPC, systematically stole from workers, according to New York Assemblymember Ron Kim’s report. Continue reading on Documented

Guide to Pro-Bono Lawyers and Free Legal Immigration Services in New York

📍 Documented OriginalImmigration cases of all kinds can be financially taxing and detrimental to the welfare of the individuals and families involved. It is estimated that fees range between $370 and $12,000 depending on the nature of a particular case, while U.S. Customs and Immigration Services applications costs hundreds of dollars more. For this reason, we recently updated our list of Pro-Bono Lawyers And Legal Immigration Services. While it is not required for an individual to have legal representation, it is highly recommended. Find our guide on Documented

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