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Immigration News Today: New York City Mayor Eric Adams Looks to Rome for Inspiration on Migrant Housing

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New York

Migrants, subway tunnels and the pope: Eric Adams looks to Rome for inspiration: 

Adams will visit migrant housing as part of his multi-day tour to seek inspiration. — POLITICO

Adams aide targeted in FBI raids won raises that almost doubled her salary to $196,000:

Started at an annual salary of $100,000 two years ago as Adams’ director of Asian affairs and senior advisor, Winnie Greco now has her salary almost doubled. — The City

Around the U.S. 

Iowa law lets police arrest migrants. The federal government and civil rights groups are suing: 

“Iowa cannot disregard the U.S. Constitution and settled Supreme Court precedent,” Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian M. Boynton, said in a statement. — The Associated Press 

DPS has charged hundreds of migrants who rushed a border gate with rioting. A judge has thrown out the charges:

In recent months, migrants rushed El Paso’s border gate, facing arrest for misdemeanor rioting. Dismissals and grand jury involvement spark legal disputes. — Texas Tribune 

Washington D.C.

Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) announces 18 new immigration judges and two new appellate immigration judges:
EOIR announced the appointment of 20 immigration judges — 18 of whom joined courts in California, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York (Judge Fayaz Habib), Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.U.S. Department of Justice 

U.S. announces new rule to empower asylum officials to reject more migrants earlier in process: 

The new rule would affect migrants posing “significant threats” to public safety and national security, a senior homeland security official said. — CBS News

China and U.S. resume cooperation on deportation as Chinese immigrants rush in from southern border:

The Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement sent to the Associated Press that Beijing was “willing to maintain dialogue and cooperation in the area of immigration enforcement with the U.S.” — The Associated Press 

Biden administration will seek partial end to special court oversight of child migrants:

The Biden administration aims to end court supervision of child migrant care, including terminating part of the Flores agreement. Legal challenges loom. — The Associated Press 

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