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Immigration News Today: 27 Migrants Discovered in a Horse Trailer in Texas

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Around the U.S.

27 unauthorized migrants discovered in horse trailer during traffic stop in Texas:

The migrants were found “severely dehydrated and required medical attention due to extreme heat and no ventilation,” officials said. — The National Desk

Chicago woman running a local free store risks deportation:

Luisette Kraal, who runs a free store for asylum seekers in Chicago, faces deportation due to visa issues. — CBS News

DACA recipients, facing long waits for renewal, risk losing their jobs:

Miguel, a DACA recipient, faced months of unpaid leave due to work-permit processing delays. These delays have severely impacted DACA holders’ lives and employment stability. — Los Angeles Times

New York

NYC leaders push back on new 30-day shelter limit for some asylum seekers:

“We’re unable to sleep due to the new regulations that have been established in the shelters. We are being expelled on a daily basis,” a migrant said. — CBS News

Washington D.C.

The number of deaths in ICE custody is already more than double all of last year:

Ten people have died while in ICE custody so far this fiscal year, over twice as many as last year and three times as many as the year before, ICE data shows. — NBC News

Border mayors heading to DC for Tuesday’s immigration announcement:

Brownsville Mayor John Cowen and Edinburg Mayor Ramiro Garza were invited by the White House for an immigration announcement on Tuesday. — The Associated Press

(Opinion) Trump and Biden blame each other for unauthorized immigration. But Congress created it:

The 1924 National Origins Quota Act included the first permanent cap on legal immigration, but prompted more unauthorized immigration. — USA Today

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