Advocacy groups and supporters hold a vigil outside Cayuga Centers, a facility that received children separated from their parents. Maria Chiu for Documented

This Family Followed the Government’s Rules. They Were Separated Anyway

Despite crossing the border at a legal point of entry, with all the relevant paperwork to claim asylum, Carlos and his daughter Leila were still separated from each other. They're not the only ones.

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Early Arrival: 5-Year Immigration Detention in Batavia Raises Constitutional Concerns

Wednesday's edition of Early Arrival: Ongoing Government Shutdown Affects New York Immigration Cases — The Immigration Consequences of Marijuana — Census 2020, Trump mocks going to court dates, Gillibrand Running, Hardliner Barr

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In ICE’s Arsenal: Cannabis Convictions

For immigrants, including those who came to the US legally, even a misdemeanor can trigger the harshest possible consequences

Thousands of Immigration Cases Are on Hold Due to the Government Shutdown

The budget impasse over Trump’s wall may create a crisis in the nation’s immigration courts