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NYPD Says ICE HSI Agents Protecting Precincts

An NYPD commissioner said ICE agents were guarding precincts during protests, but Mayor Bill de Blasio said he doubted it was true.

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Agents from Homeland Security Investigations, a branch of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, were protecting precincts while NYPD officers patrol the streets amid protests. Benjamin Tucker, the First Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD, told this to Councilman Carlos Menchaca as he questioned Tucker during a city council hearing. Tucker also said there is no formal agreement between the agency and the police department.

Last week, the Immigrant Defense Project reported that HSI agents had helped apprehend a man at a protest on the Upper West Side area of Manhattan. Five mostly plain-clothed officers jumped out of an unmarked SUV and threw the man, a US citizen of Puerto Rican descent, to the ground. The man was not formally taken into custody, but was held in handcuffs for some time before being let go. Protestors gathered at the spot Monday to call for the NYPD to stop collaborating with ICE.

Menchaca also questioned why the NYPD, which has a $6 billion budget, also needed a federal agency to help protect its property. “If the NYPD’s cooperation with ICE on non-immigration matters is not written down or reviewable by the City Council, how can we trust that immigration cooperation is not taking place?” he tweeted. HSI has long sought to separate itself from Enforcement and Removal Operations, the agency that primarily arrests people on immigration violations. “I would not let ICE agents anywhere in any official capacity in New York City except what they’re allowed to do on their own,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a press conference on Monday. “ICE agents aren’t allowed in our public buildings… I have no knowledge and really don’t believe that happened. If anyone has evidence of it, I need to know it,” he added. WNYC

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