Irmelda and Antonio, 33 and 32, prune and clear weeds away from blueberry bushes on a farm in Mattituck, Long Island, New York on Wednesday April 10, 2019. Both undocumented immigrants from Guerrero, Mexico, an indigenous region in the mountains of the country's west coast, they came to the US 16 years ago, looking for a better life. Now, they work seven days a week on this farm, planting and harvesting the crops that help make life possible in this area. Brittany Kriegstein, 2019

Major Coronavirus Outbreak Hits Upstate Immigrant Farm Workers

COVID-19 infected 177 farmworkers at Green Empire Farms in Madison County, marking one of the largest virus outbreaks in New York state.

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REAL ID: Appointment Requirements, Cost, and How to Get One

A REAL ID is a federally compliant DMV issued driver's license, learner permit or non-driver ID that will be required after May 2023 to board domestic flights or enter federal buildings. Here is information regarding what it is, how to make appointments, it's requirements. and how to get it.

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Migrant Children Still Stuck in Temporary Shelters for Months

Plus: Asylum seekers report 'horrible' conditions at immigration jail, undocumented crime victims get second chance at work permits.

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Chaotic Reopening of Immigration Courts Make New York Immigrants Fear Deportations

All hearings were cancelled when two of New York’s immigration courts closed due to the pandemic. Now, they’re reopening and advocates worry notices about the new hearings are not reaching immigrants in legal proceedings.