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Biden Plans To Cut Immigrant Detention Funding

More Central American people are projected to come to the U.S., but Biden does not intend to increase detention funding to match.

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Immigration experts predict that recent Central American hurricanes and the pandemic’s economic effects will lead more people to come to the U.S. in the next few months. The Trump administration implemented a public health law allowing border agents to quickly deny immigrants seeking asylum at the border, though a federal judge blocked this rule from applying to migrant children. President-elect Joe Biden plans on cutting the funding that detains migrants and rely on programs to track them when they are in the U.S. to ensure they appear in court. The New York Times

In other federal immigration news…

Trump Rushing to Finalize Immigration Policies

While President Trump refuses to concede, his executive agencies are rushing to finalize his policies before Biden takes office in January. It’s common for outgoing administrations to create last-minute rules, also known as “midnight regulations,” that can hold up the plans of incoming presidents. The Trump team is pushing through at least 62 potential new regulations; three rules are being reviewed by the White House, 21 rules are being put into consideration, 10 rules are at the final review of the White House and 28 rules were finalized. One out 28 of those finalized rules is based upon the restriction of asylum eligibility, making it difficult for Biden to undo when he enters office. ProPublica

Wilmington Protesters Want More From Biden

Dozens of protesters chanted in Wilmington on Tuesday for Biden to follow through with his promises to reform immigration and justice systems. “Our community is in dire need, and we want to remind the president-elect that he needs to not forget about them,” said Javier Valdés, co-executive director of Make the Road Action. “What we want to see is a lot of the harm done by the Trump administration is undone.” Some protesters expressed that it is not enough for Biden to just change Trump’s policies, demanding he continuously protect immigrants, including Black and brown communities. WHY

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