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Biden Pauses Deportations for 100 Days

The Department of Homeland Security will halt deportations of specific noncitizens as it “reviews and resets enforcement priorities.”

The Department of Homeland Security sent a memo on Wednesday night announcing it will halt deportations of specific noncitizens for 100 days starting Jan. 22. In a statement, DHS said it will “review and reset enforcement priorities.” The moratorium applies to noncitizens in the U.S. who were ordered to be deported by an immigration judge, unless they came after Nov. 1, are suspected of terrorism or danger to national security, volunteered their rights to remain in the U.S., or who otherwise were determined removable by the director. The memo also includes priorities for enforcement regarding national security, border security, and public safety. Vox and CNN Politics 

In other federal immigration news…

Border Wall Construction Halted

Construction crews working on the U.S.-Mexico border wall were ordered to hold off after President Biden signed an executive order to pause the Trump administration’s project. Biden’s presidential proclamation ended Trump’s national emergency declaration that diverted roughly $10 billion from Defense Department accounts to the wall. Private contractors must stop working “as soon as possible but in no case later than seven days,” allowing a full assessment of the project to determine if the funds are from legal sources, the order continues. The proclamation also demands federal agencies design a plan within 60 days to “resume, modify, or terminate” segments of the wall under construction. The Washington Post

Senate Republicans Doubt Biden’s Immigration Plans

Senior Senate aides in both parties and GOP senators don’t think Biden’s immigration overhaul bill will receive the 60 votes it needs to be approved. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a main proponent in the 2013 immigration reform bill that passed the Senate but stopped in the Republican-controlled House, said he won’t support Biden’s bill. “There are many issues I think we can work cooperatively with President-elect Biden, but a blanket amnesty for people who are here unlawfully isn’t going to be one of them,” he said before Biden’s inauguration. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) meanwhile said Biden’s proposal was “to the left” of 2013’s. NBC News

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