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Detained Immigrants Look For Release Under Biden

ICE said it has new operational guidelines under President Biden, but attorneys say there's no sign anything has changed.

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New York immigration lawyers are asking U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to discharge some of their detained clients as the Biden administration sets less restrictive enforcement and deportation priorities than Trump. On Monday, an ICE spokesperson said the agency has received operational guidelines on how to enact President Joe Biden’s new priorities. But Andrea Saenz, supervising attorney at Brooklyn Defender Services for the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project, said “so far, we haven’t had any acknowledgement from ICE that anything has changed.” Her attorneys have been trying to release clients they believe qualify since Biden’s inauguration, but have gotten nowhere. Gothamist

In other local immigration news…

Brooklyn Residents Speak Out After Muslim Travel Ban Repeal

Thousands of Brooklyn residents were relieved when President Joe Biden repealed the Middle Eastern and African travel ban on his first day in office. Former President Donald Trump signed an executive order in 2017 that put travel restrictions on citizens from several Muslim-majority countries seeking to enter the U.S. Trump claimed the ban would stop terrorism. The ban took place while Syrian and Yemeni residents, who were both on the list of banned countries, looked for refuge during their countries’ civil wars. “Hopefully, this new administration builds on the foundation that this country is set for,” said Nasser, a Brooklynite of Yemeni descent. Brooklyn Paper 

The First Days of Biden: The Impact on NY’s Immigration System

Documented will be hosting a panel discussion today about the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency and what it means for immigrant New Yorkers. Matt Katz, a reporter for WNYC/Gothamist who produces award-winning coverage of immigration enforcement and detention issues, will be moderating this panel to discuss how Biden’s presidency will impact New York’s immigration system. The panel includes experts on immigration courts, New York State policy, detention and ICE enforcement: 

Detention: Tania Mattos, Policy and Northeast Monitoring Manager at Freedom for Immigrants

Immigration Courts: Andrea Saenz, Attorney-in-Charge, New York Immigration, Family Unity Project (NYIFUP) at Brooklyn Defender Services

ICE Enforcement: Genia Blaser, Senior Staff Attorney at Immigration Defense Project

NYS Policy: Anu Joshi, VP of policy at New York Immigration Coalition
There is still time to register for free tickets here. Join us at 4:30 p.m.

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