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U.S. Sending Court Notices to 78,000 Migrants Who Weren’t Processed

Plus: Immigrant groups release five steps congressional Democrats should take to provide a pathway to citizenship

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The U.S. government is expected to begin an operation to send deportation case notices to 78,000 migrants who weren’t processed for deportation after crossing the southern border. Two sources familiar with the plan told CBS News that on Monday, U.S. immigration authorities will issue packets of legal documents that will advise migrants to appear at court hearings in front of immigration judges who will decide if the migrants can remain in the U.S. This Immigration and Customs Enforcement plan was created to put tens of thousands of migrants who received ad hoc processing near the U.S.-Mexico border into deportation proceedings. Migrants who are released after crossing the border are given “notices to appear,” but U.S. border officials haven’t issued these notices since March due to the uptick in border crossings. CBS News 

In other federal immigration news…

Immigrant Groups Release ‘Pathway to Citizenship in Five Steps’

A coalition of immigrant groups released a memo sketching out how congressional Democrats can use the budget reconciliation process to provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. This 19-page memo called for the Democrats to use the Senate’s rules to string together an all-inclusive immigrant protection program into the Build Back Better bill. According to the memo, the House should approve a bill that would open eligibility for undocumented immigrants to become permanent residents and then send it to the Senate. “It is always harder to remove something from a bill than it is to add it, so House Democrats must make sure the pathway to citizenship is already in the budget bill when it goes to the Senate,” the memo said. The Hill

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