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ICE Pauses Deportation Flights to Ukraine

Plus: How to help Ukrainian refugees, and Anna Sorokin of Netflix's 'Inventing Anna' sues ICE over COVID-19 boosters

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a hold on deportation flights to Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion. A short statement from the agency noted the “ongoing humanitarian crisis” happening in Ukraine. “ICE will continue to monitor the ongoing situation and make operational changes as necessary,” it added. This is a welcome development for immigration advocates and Ukrainians in the U.S., who had voiced concerns about nationals being sent back to the country while Russia continues to attack. 

How to Help Refugees and Ukrainians Fleeing Russia’s Invasion 

As Ukrainians of all ages seek support both at home and abroad, several governments have stepped up to send military and humanitarian aid. A few organizations and fundraisers are also working to get people critical supplies, assistance and funds. PBS compiled a list detailing how you can help and how to avoid charity scams. More than 220 civilians have died in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine thus far, including at least 15 children, according to the United Nations. Ukrainians have sought safety in Poland, Hungary and Moldova, among other neighboring countries. Meanwhile, women and children displaced within the country have taken shelter in subway tunnels and other secure areas to avoid Russian air strikes. PBS

Anna Sorokin of Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna,’ Three Other Detainees, Sue ICE over Boosters 

Anna Sorokin, a German woman convicted of posing as a wealthy heiress to scam banks, hotels and New York socialites, has sued federal immigration authorities for failing to provide COVID-19 booster shots to her and other detainees facing deportation. The American Civil Liberties Union, which represents Sorokin, who is the subject of Netflix’s new drama, “Inventing Anna,” and three other detainees, filed a complaint in Washington D.C. federal court on Tuesday. They say ICE is violating the constitutional rights of medically vulnerable detainees by ignoring their requests for booster shots. Sorokin, who was paroled from prison in February 2021 and then arrested by ICE, is fighting the government’s claims that she overstayed a visa and should be deported to Germany. Reuters

Can DACA Recipients be Drafted?

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In our latest explainer, Documented breaks down why Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients and other immigrants can be drafted into the U.S. military. Documented’s Rommel Ojeda detailed how the Selective Service System handles the drafting process, and also registers individuals during peacetime to ensure an easy and smooth fulfillment of manpower during a war. The U.S. has had a similar system of conscription in place since the Revolutionary War, with the latest draft legislation being passed in 1948 and expiring in 1973. Continue reading on Documented.

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