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Immigration News Today: Undocumented Immigrant Population Doubles in 3 Years

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Around the U.S. 

Undocumented immigration population in U.S. appears to have doubled in 3 years:

Since 2021, U.S. authorities have encountered 11.3 million migrants, while some 10.2 million were estimated to live in the United States at the end of 2020. — The National Desk

Extremists target faith-based groups that assist migrants:

For decades, faith-based organizations have helped federal authorities and local governments manage influxes of migrants. Now, charities fear for the safety of their employees. — New York Times

New military base opens along Texas-Mexico border:

A new base in Eagle Pass housing up to 2,300 National Guard members, as a part of “Operation Lone Star,” will cost some $131 million to operate through September. — NewsNation

Man who claims he’s a U.S. citizen repeatedly has been deported to Mexico. It’s complicated:

Many people claiming U.S. citizenship through family ties were wrongly deported due to complex laws and ICE procedural issues, highlighting the need for thorough investigations. — KERA 

Migrants in Chicago adjust to life in their new city:

Migrants in Chicago are prioritizing learning English as they build lives outside city shelters. Some are finding  stability, jobs, and housing. — Chicago Sun Times

New York

The history of the oldest Chinese school in NYC:The 115-year-old school is encountering both opportunities and new challenges in the post-pandemic era. — Documented

Washington D.C.

Lengthy immigrant detention can be unconstitutional, U.S. appeals court rules:

A U.S. appeals court in New York ruled that prolonged detention of green card holders without bail hearings can violate constitutional rights, but set no strict time limit. — Reuters

Biden is said to be finalizing plans for migrant limits:

The White House is reportedly planning a southern border clampdown to deny asylum requests and entry once migrant encounters exceed a daily threshold. — The Associated Press 

New citizens will head to the polls this year:

Some 3.5 million adults of voting age are estimated to have been naturalized in the U.S. since the 2020 election, University of California San Diego data shows. — NPR

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