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Immigration News Today: Migrants Rattled as Deportations Begin As Biden Blocks Asylum

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Around the U.S. 

Migrants are rattled and unsure as deportations begin under new rule halting asylum:

Migrants now crossing the border face challenges like new asylum rules, overcrowded processing systems, limited resources and legal complexities. — The Associated Press 

Abbott ties immigrants to crime days after Biden southern border move:

Texas Gov. Abbott unveiled a “most wanted” list of criminal immigrants, linking immigration to crime despite evidence disproving this, as a political move against Biden. — The Hill

Texas sheriff says 7 suspects arrested, 11 migrants hospitalized after sting near San Antonio:

Authorities found 26 migrants in a secret trailer compartment near San Antonio suffering from heat-related injuries and dehydration. — The Associated Press 

New York

Gov. Hochul joins President Biden at White House for border executive order rollout:

“This will stem the flow (of migrants), because otherwise, there is no end in sight. This gives us the breathing room to manage the people we have,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said. — Spectrum News

Swing voters want solutions over toughness, per NYCLU poll:

A poll reveals 49% of New Yorkers in battleground districts support candidates accepting immigrants, even though Republican immigration positions dominate what they hear. — ABC News 10

Washington D.C.

Opinion – Immigration benefits outweigh U.S. border troubles:

President Biden faces political pressure over immigration, which also remains crucial for addressing the U.S. labor market’s demographic challenges. — Reuters

Tired and confused, first migrants reach California border after Biden’s asylum order:50 migrants, unaware of Biden’s new rules shortly after his announcement, completed a nine-hour trek from Mexico to California, facing exhaustion and uncertainty. — Los Angeles Times

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