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Asylum Officers Oppose New Asylum Rule

A new rule asylum rule from the Trump administration received 80,000 comments before commenting closed on Wednesday.

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Opponents of the Trump administration’s new asylum rule submitted nearly 80,000 public comments before Wednesday’s deadline, with about 20,000 arriving in the last few hours. The proposed rule raises the bar on what it takes to qualify for asylum and gives judges more leeway to deny claims, sometimes without a court hearing. 

Asylum officers were among the people to submit comments in opposition of the new overhaul to the asylum system. In a public comment, the National CIS Council, a union that represents asylum officers, said the new policy would effectively deny most migrants asylum claims. 
The Trump administration put forward a proposal in June. Under the new proposal, people targeted by gangs or “rouge” government officials would be more likely to be denied. The Associated Press, The New York Times

In other federal immigration news…

The U.S. is considering a travel ban on members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families, The New York Times reports, potentially setting up a retaliation from the Chinese government. The move will come via a presidential proclamation, which would also allow the U.S. to revoke the visas of party members and their families in the U.S., leading to their expulsion. However, Trump may reject the plan. While he has been very critical of China at times, he has also fawned over President Xi Jinping in other moments. It would also be a logistical challenge as the Chinese Community Party has 92 million members and the U.S. government does not maintain records of the membership. The New York Times

Foreign students from Europe are exempt from the U.S. travel ban, according to a memo from the State Department sent to Congress on Thursday. Travel from Europe, China and Brazil to the U.S. has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, according to the memo students in European countries who already have a visa to study in the U.S. will be able to attend classes in the fall. Students who obtain a visa can also come to the U.S. Students from China and Brazil are still barred from entering the U.S. The Wall Street Journal

The House is putting forward a Homeland Security spending bill which would reduce the number of beds in ICE detention to 12,000 for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic and phase out family detention by the end of the year. It would also Trump’s border wall and also rescind unused funds for the wall. The bill would also block DHS from deporting DACA recipients and Temporary Protected Status holders. The Hill

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