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Texas Driver Shot by Border Patrol Agents

Border Patrol agents killed the driver of a car with undocumented immigrants onboard at the border in Laredo, Texas

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Border Patrol agents killed the driver of a car with undocumented immigrants onboard in Laredo, Texas. The agents, along with ICE and the Webb County Constable’s Office, were responding to a report of likely human smuggling in a tractor-trailer and vehicle at the border. The driver of the car began to quickly reverse, pinning a Border Patrol agent and another person against another car. Agents then shot the driver to death at the scene. According to the Southern Border Communities Coalition, about 111 individuals have died during run-ins with border agents in the past decade. The Laredo Police Department and the F.B.I. will continue to investigate the shooting. The New York Times

In other national immigration news…

Detention Facilities Riddled with Numerous Problems

A DHS Inspector General report criticized two pilot programs, the Humanitarian Asylum Review Process and Prompt Asylum Claim Review, that immediately deport asylum seekers at the southern border, BuzzFeed News reports. The Inspector General’s issues with the programs include forcing migrant families to stay in custody longer than needed, placing young girls in the same detention space as adult men and lack of privacy in bathroom areas. The two programs were part of the Trump administration’s attempt to promptly screen and possibly remove asylum seekers at the border. They were suspended due to the pandemic, in favor of the administration quickly deporting any asylum seekers. BuzzFeed News

CDC Won’t Approve Migrant Children Staring in Border Hotels Due

The Trump administration has been demanding the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s health experts allow border hotels to house migrant children before deportation, a practice the government stopped last month due to a court order. But CDC officials refused to sign a Department of Health and Human Services declaration that states containing migrant children in hotels is the best way to protect them from the coronavirus. “Our federal scientists are understandably refusing to sign a document lending support to the administration’s immigration policies and practices,” a HHS official said anonymously. There are about 1,900 minors in HHS custody as of this month. The Washington Post

Migrant Parents Can Split from Children or Remain with Them in Jail

Federal Judge Dolly Gee, who oversees the Flores Agreement, finalized an agenda allowing migrant parents to either let their children be given to a designated guardian or remain in jail with them. This decision could change immigration family dynamics that have existed since the Obama administration, before Central American families crossed the border and overwhelmed U.S. capacity. The decision to split families or leave them together was previously up to the government. Gee was fearful the government would lose track of children who go to designated guardians through the binary-choice model. Attorneys and rights groups have been unable to find 545 minors’ parents after the Trump administration separated them. The Washington Post

Possible Medical Abuse in Georgia Immigration Detention Center

Nineteen women at the Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla, Georgia, came forward claiming a doctor, Dr. Mahendra Amin, performed or pressured them to receive “medically unnecessary” surgery and procedures that could affect their ability to conceive, according to a new report. Nine board-certified OB-GYNs and two nurse experts wrote the report after looking over more than 3,200 pages of records. This report comes a month after a nurse at the same facility made congressional inquiries and federal investigations into the women’s care at the facility. The records, which contain pathology and radiology reports, prescription, surgical impressions and consent forms, declaration and telephone interviews, exemplify the women’s allegations against the doctor. Los Angeles Times

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