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Stephen Miller Outlines Immigration Plan

Miller wants to restrict asylum grants, punish “sanctuary cities,” expand the travel ban and limit work visas.

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President Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller outlined plans to advance Trump’s immigration agenda if he wins re-election this week. Miller summarized four major priorities, which included restricting asylum grants, punishing “sanctuary cities,” expanding the travel ban with stronger screenings for visa applicants and putting limits on work visas. Miller says his intention is “raising and enhancing the standard for entry” to America. Some of these ideas require legislation while others could be done through executive action — something Trump has relied on in the absence of congressional support. Critics describe Miller’s immigration policy as cruel and racist, while he claims it’s his way to protect Americans’ jobs. NBC News

Trump Continuing to Dehumanize Immigrants for Campaign

President Trump has long wanted to be tougher than any other president on immigration, and has continually connected immigrants, mainly undocumented, with crime and drugs. Even though his main focus for this year’s campaign was about the threat of American rioters, he still raised flags against foreign criminals. Trump furthered that idea on Friday, issuing a proclamation to deem Sunday Nov. 1 a “National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens.” Studies have shown when there are more immigrants, even undocumented, in a specific area, its crime rate is lower. Tucson.com

Haitian Americans Leaning Toward Trump

Some Haitian Americans are not casting their vote for president based on immigration. Instead, they’re focusing on who will improve Black Americans’ lives with regard to coronavirus response, the economy and health care. That’s why local Democrats in Florida fear more Haitian Americans will vote for Trump in this election despite his immigration restrictions. Trump won about 20 percent of Haitians’ votes in 2016, according to an analysis of data from University of Florida political scientist Dan Smith. This time around, Haitians for Trump are assembling new voters by saying he will provide more jobs to the Black community. Politico

House Seeks CBP Facebook Group’s Posts

The House Oversight Committee plans to subpoena Customs and Border Protection for documents in regard to inappropriate social media posts or Facebook groups. Obscure Facebook groups connected to CBP were revealed last year to contain sexually explicit posts. House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) condemned the agency for not contributing enough information to the committee about the incident, even a year after the investigation was launched. As of Friday, a CBP official said the agency had provided documents and that some were publicly released without consent by the committee. CNN

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