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City Council Holds Hearing on Giving Non-Citizens Voting Rights

Plus: New Jersey mayor doesn't want more Afghan refugees, and Long Island man allegedly attacked Latino farmworkers

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Tensions grew at a 5-hour New York City Council meeting Monday as members debated a proposal to give non-citizen New Yorkers with legal permanent residency the right to vote in local elections. With 35 council members now sponsoring the legislation, support in the council is strong. But the hearing highlighted major obstacles the bill could face if it passes the city council and is sent to the mayor’s office for signature. City council members, immigrant advocates and members of the public deliberated and testified about the bill, known as the Our City Our Vote legislation, which would grant nearly 1 million more people the local right to vote. But the legislation’s biggest hurdle could be Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has said he does not believe the bill is legal.

In other local immigration news…

New Jersey Mayor Wants No More Afghan Refugees As City Recovers From Ida

Elizabeth, New Jersey Mayor Chris Bollwage has asked the International Rescue Committee to consider resettling Afghan refugees elsewhere, as taking any more while it recovers from Hurricane Ida would result in “insurmountable challenges” for the community. Many Elizabeth residents were displaced by the storm, including numerous refugee families. Housing supply is also limited, and public resources are strained, the mayor said. Bollwage does not have the power to reject Afghan refugees, but has asked officials in Union County to reject providing welfare support to new Afghan arrivals. WNYC

Long Island Man Charged with Hate Crimes After Attacking Latino Farm Workers

A Long Island man carried out several attacks where he would pick up Hispanic day laborers, drive them to isolated areas and attack them, police said Monday. He was charged with several hate crimes. On Friday and Saturday, the man picked up three different men at popular locations where day laborers are hired, then took them to more remote places and attacked two of them, and tried to run down the other. All three of the victims were Hispanic. In an interview, the man, Christopher Cella, denied that the attacks were racially motivated. The New York Times

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