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Republicans Push for Title 42 Extension As Part of COVID Aid Package

Plus: Congress holds a hearing to examine the Title 42 expulsion order and the need to restore asylum

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Senate Republicans are trying to use a bipartisan $10 billion COVID aid bill, which had seemed likely to quickly pass, as a way to extend the Trump-era Title 42 order that expelled and blocked asylum seekers at the border. The development comes as the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention plans to terminate the public health rule on May 23. Republicans are confident they have the votes to ensure Title 42 is not lifted. “We can win it,” said Senate Minority Whip John Thune, (R-S.D.). “They’ve got a number of Democrats who are for it, but their leadership is adamantly opposed and, I would say, hostile to the idea.” NPR

In other federal immigration news…

ICYMI: Congress Held Hearing to Examine Title 42 and Need to Restore Asylum 

Witnesses who testified at a Congressional hearing on Title 42 addressed the negative impact the public health order has had on asylum seekers at the border, as well as actions that the federal government can take as the termination of the policy approaches. This includes allowing asylum seekers to gather and prepare to cross at ports of entry; increase resources at the ports; work with non-governmental organizations to spread awareness that ports of entry are available; deploy the State Department to areas near the ports of entry to combat cartel propaganda and increase shelter capacity in Mexico; and hire more employees to speed asylum processing. Watch the hearing here.

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