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Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Bowman Demand Answers and Accountability Over Orange County ICE Transfers

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s transfers of migrants from a New York jail have continued despite demands from state officials, advocates, and attorneys.

Following ICE transfers of at least 60 people from the Orange County Correctional Facility that began late last month, immigrants are beginning to share what they are experiencing during the transfers. 

Seeking transparency from ICE about ongoing procedures: New York Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and ICE Acting Director Tae D. Johnson.

In it, the congress members sought transparency from ICE about its ongoing procedures, particularly concerning the recent transfer of people out of OCCF. Those transfers happened before ICE told detainees’ attorneys where the immigrants were going to be sent. 

The Congress members also sought information about the status of OCCF’s contract with ICE, saying the transfers are “unacceptable” even if that contract is expiring soon.

“Retaliatory and punitive”: Reps AOC and Bowman are questioning whether these sudden transfers are “retaliatory and punitive,” given that OCCF has faced serious allegations of abuse, racism and egregious conditions of confinement.

Advocates and attorneys have said ICE is tampering with immigrants’ legal cases and due process rights. 

Immigrants say they are facing harassment and abuse during transfers: Documented received information from the Dignity Not Detention working group, which shared experiences of what immigrants have said they are enduring during the transfer. 

They have faced verbal harassment and abuse as they exited the facility, the detainees said. They are reportedly not being fed well — given only bologna sandwiches and had limited access to water. 

Sergeant Figueroa, an employee of Orange County Correctional Facility, who was named in a civil rights complaint earlier this year for allegedly harassing and abusing people in ICE detention, reportedly harassed the transfers verbally. 

Many of those transferred also claim to have lost valuable items during the transfer, resulting in missing commissary funds of as much as $900.

At least four additional people were transferred from OCCF last week, according to Dignity Not Detention. The first in the series of recent transfers happened on July 25th. 


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