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Poll Suggests Why Latinos Aren’t Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Plus: Biden plans to meet with DACA recipients, and DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says border surge is waning

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A Kaiser Family Foundation Vaccine Monitor poll released Wednesday revealed many Hispanics who are unvaccinated want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine but have had trouble accessing it. One in three unvaccinated Latino adults said they wanted to get vaccinated as soon as they could, twice the amount of unvaccinated white adults (16 percent) and Black adults (17 percent). Meanwhile 17 percent of unvaccinated Hispanics said they wouldn’t get the shot compared to 34 percent of whites and 26 percent of Blacks. What’s problematic for unvaccinated Hispanics is that 35 percent of them fear immigration consequences if they get the shot. The Associated Press 

In other federal immigration news…

Biden Plans to Meet With DACA Recipients

On Friday, President Joe Biden plans to meet with six Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipients at the Oval Office. Last month during his address to a joint session of Congress, Biden called on lawmakers to “end our exhausting war over immigration.” He also pushed his plan to extend a path to citizenship to Dreamers and called on Congress to pass it. The meeting will discuss the Biden administration’s argument for extending his immigration executive actions into law and highlight immigrant essential workers in education, agriculture and health care. This will be the second known meeting with DACA recipients in the Oval Office since 2015. NBC News 

DHS Secretary Says Administration is Tackling Border Challenges

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told Congress on Thursday that the Biden administration still faces some challenges at the southern border, but has made outstanding efforts to move unaccompanied children out of border stations. He mentioned that federal authorities reduced the number of children held by Border Patrol from 5,700 in late March to fewer than 500 this week. The Biden administration has struggled with an increase of migrants at the border, overwhelming border stations and processing centers between March and April. Some children were kept in U.S. government custody far over the 72-hour limit. Reuters 

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