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NJ Immigrant Deported a Day After New ICE Rules Were Enacted

Plus: How immigration bonds allow for migrants' releases, 6 New York community groups get funding to boost vaccinations

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On May 28, Yenser Rivera Sabillon, who was from Honduras with no criminal convictions, was ordered to be deported by an immigration judge. The day before, the principal legal advisor at Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued new instructions directing prosecutors to postpone or dismiss cases for immigrants who don’t fit into priority categories, particularly those who have pending visa applications, like Rivera. These instructions weren’t released to the public until 10 days after they were issued. But the prosecutor also didn’t advise the judge or Rivera Sabillon’s lawyer about the new rules. A ProPublica survey of over a dozen lawyers across the U.S. demonstrates how the new guidance has been irregularly implemented and only sometimes helped people facing deportation cases. ProPublica 

In other local immigration news…

How Immigration Bonds Work

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This explanation is part of Documented’s Glossary to provide an understanding of the U.S. immigration system. A bond for immigrant detainees is an amount of money set by Immigrant and Customs Enforcement or an immigration judge that secures the release of the detainee under the agreement that the individual will attend all immigration court hearings once free. Bonds are only provided to immigrant detainees who can prove to a judge that they’re not a danger to society or aren’t a flight risk. Since there are many categories that can prevent someone from being eligible, it’s rare for judges to assign bonds for immigrant detainees. The usual range for a bond for an immigrant detainee is between $1,500 and $10,000. Read more at Documented. 

6 NY Community Groups Get Vaccination Funding

As the COVID-19 delta variant makes its way through New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said he believes the number of unvaccinated residents is still too high. According to Cuomo, 72% of the state’s new cases on Monday were linked to the delta variant, though only 0.15% of them affected vaccinated New Yorkers. Cuomo then announced $15 million in state funding for six community organizations that encourage people to get the vaccine. These groups are the Hispanic Federation, the Asian American Federation, the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, the Apicha Community Health Center, the New York Immigration Coalition and the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies. Spectrum News NY1

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