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Supreme Court to Hear Biden’s Bid to Cancel ‘Remain in Mexico’

Plus: The Biden administration proposes removing 'public charge' hurdles for immigrants who need public benefits

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The U.S. Supreme Court agreed last Friday to hear President Joe Biden’s bid to cancel the Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ immigration policy, which has forced thousands of people to stay in Mexico while they seek asylum in the U.S. The justices will hear a Biden administration appeal of a lower court ruling that reinstated the policy after the Republican-led states of Texas and Missouri had sued to maintain the program. The Supreme Court accelerated the case so it can be heard in April during the court’s current term, and a decision is expected shortly thereafter by the end of June. Reuters

In other federal immigration news…

Biden Administration Proposes Removing Hurdles for Immigrants Who Need Public Benefits

A new regulation proposed by the Biden administration will eliminate hurdles for immigrants who rely on public benefits and are trying to obtain legal status — changes that resurface the long debated public charge rule. The Trump administration modified the decades-old regulation to make it more difficult for the U.S.’s legal immigrant population to obtain legal status. The Biden administration regulation will evaluate what public benefits indicate that an individual is primarily dependent on the federal government, but it won’t count benefits like food assistance programs and housing benefits. It will then decline to apply the public charge rule against someone who is self-sufficient other than those benefits. CNN

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