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Immigrants Make up 22% of Texas’ Workforce

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As he seeks re-election, Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has ramped up his actions against immigrants, from deploying Texas National Guard troops and state troopers to arrest migrants crossing into the U.S., to busing migrants to the Capitol, and to, most recently, launching an executive order letting law enfrocement take migrants into custody and send them back to ports of entry if officials suspect the migrants are violating federal law. 

Advocates have continued to speak out against Abbott and in support of immigrants, many of whom travel long distances to seek refuge in the U.S. after fleeing dangerous situations. 

Abbott and his supporters’ rhetoric has often ignored that Texas’ growing immigrant population has helped to strengthen its labor force. So on the back of this, the American Immigration Council and a statewide coalition of over 125 member businesses released a new research highlighting contributions of immigrants to the Texas’ workforce. 

Immigrants in Texas make up 21.9% of the state’s overall workforce, despite being just 17.1% of its population: There was a more than two-fold increase in the number of online job postings in Texas between 2017 and 2021, from 1.9 million to 3.8 million, and immigrants helped to fill the demand. 

The chart below, looking at many production, medical, and academic occupations, shows the share of workers in 2019 who were immigrants.

A chart shows that immigrants make up nearly half of the workforce of some professions in Texas.

Demand for bilingual workers across critical fields like health care, social work, and education also increased: Many occupations highlighted in the chart have seen significant increase in the need for bilingual workers. Immigrants helped to fill the demand for culturally competent workers in those critical sectors.

A key economic driver in Texas is manufacturing, and immigrants play a key role as they occupy many production occupations: 33% of computer tool operations workers, 28% percent of production workers, and 23% of inspectors, testers, and sorters are immigrants, according to 2019 figures. 

Read the full report on the Economic Contributions of Immigrants in Texas.


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