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ICE Moved Detained Immigrants to Unknown Locations After Allegedly Saying It Wouldn’t

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On Monday, ICE unexpectedly transferred detained immigrants out of the Orange County Jail in New York to unknown locations. 

Defender organizations providing free legal representation to immigrants said detained immigrants started calling them last week, fearing an imminent transfer. But when New York Immigrant Family Unity Project attorneys asked ICE about the potential transfers, they say ICE denied they were forthcoming. 

Documented reviewed an email from an ICE official stating that the jail’s management requested help from ICE to reduce the facility’s population, and that ICE was in the planning stages of doing so. 

ICE confirmed it transferred detainees to ICE facilities in Mississippi and New York as part of a facility-wide reduction in population, writes Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio, a Report for America corps member who covers immigration enforcement for Documented. 

The larger plan remains unknown: “ICE did not respond to specific questions about how many people were transferred,” Guilia wrote, nor did the agency answer questions about “if the transfers will continue, and about whether or not attorneys were notified about these transfers.”

She spoke to Myriah J. Heddens, an immigration staff attorney with The Legal Aid Society, who gave a verifiable number of individuals that have been transferred. Read more about what she said in today’s story

ICE is required to notify attorneys of detained individuals prior to a transfer. The policy specifically states “as soon as practicable on the day of the transfer,” but never later than 24 hours after it happens. 

Attorneys told our reporter they are only receiving notice after their clients have been transferred.


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