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Jun 24, 2022 | Madeline Faber

How Immigrants and People Traveling to New York Can Access Abortion

New York will continue to make abortion accessible to everyone — including undocumented immigrants and visitors from out-of-state.

As the Supreme Court voted on June 24, 2022 to effectively overturn its Roe V. Wade decision, the legality of abortion is now under individual state’s decisions. Abortion is legal in New York, and recent statements from officials affirm that New York will continue to make abortions accessible to everyone — including undocumented immigrants and visitors from out of state.

Under New York law, health care practitioners may provide abortion care up to the second trimester and after that point in cases where a patient’s health is at risk or if the pregnancy will not survive.

Coverage for All New Yorkers, Regardless of Immigration Status

Abortions are covered under NYC Care, a healthcare access program for low-income residents who are excluded from Medicaid. Essentially, undocumented immigrants can receive low-cost to no-cost healthcare services — including abortions — at NYC Health + Hospital locations.

NYC recently eliminated a 6-month residency requirement to sign up for NYC Care. So, undocumented immigrants who are eligible can gain healthcare access as soon as they have a proof of address — though NYC Care states it can still help if an applicant doesn’t have the proper documents. The program promises “new members a primary care appointment within two weeks and access to specialty care if needed.”

New York residents who qualify for Medicaid can have the full cost of their abortion covered. Many abortion clinics can enroll clients in Medicaid on the same day that they make their appointment. Individuals must meet the following requirements to receive Medicaid in NYS:

  • Live in NYS
  • Annual income is less than or equal to 138% Federal Poverty Level (for pregnant people, the income limit is 223% FPL)

 Since 2017, New York law has required that New York-based insurance providers including private insurance, Medicaid and plans on the marketplace cover the full cost of abortion without co-pays.

Hospitals will never share personal information with immigration enforcement officials.

Abortion Access for People Who Live Outside of New York

Visitors who don’t have New York-based health insurance have options.

New York-based organization Brigid Alliance provides logistics help, including travel, food, lodging, and child care for people seeking abortions in New York, New Mexico, Colorado and Washington DC.

New York residents and people who are traveling to New York to receive an abortion can apply for financial help through the New York Abortion Access Fund. The national Abortion Access Fund offers similar assistance.


Charley App: A secure Chatbot that helps people seeking an abortion find out information about clinics, cost, travel and more.

NYC Health + Hospitals: List of hospital locations that offer abortions, call 1-844-NYC-4NYC for information about appointments and financial support

NYC Care: Information about how to enroll in local healthcare coverage as an undocumented immigrant, call 646-NYC-CARE

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: Information about how to get an abortion in NYC

Book of Choices: List of abortion providers across New York state with additional resources

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