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Caribbean Immigrants in NYC: Find English Classes, Job Training, Legal Help and More

Many NYC organizations offer culturally sensitive services to newly arrived and established Caribbean immigrants.

Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, particularly for immigrants facing many challenges. This can be especially true for Caribbean immigrants in New York City, who may have cultural differences, encounter language barriers, or lack access to resources and services. As a result, it can be challenging for these immigrants to find the assistance they need to settle into their new lives and navigate the complexities of American society.

Several New York City organizations are dedicated to serving newly arrived immigrants from the Caribbean and are committed to helping them overcome challenges and succeed in their new homes. These organizations offer various services, from language classes and job training to legal assistance and community outreach, which can be beneficial whether people are newly arrived or more established in the city.

 Through these organizations, Caribbean immigrants in New York can access the resources they need to thrive in their new communities and achieve their goals. In this guide, we will explore some of the most prominent Caribbean organizations in New York City and highlight the work they do to assist Caribbean immigrants. 

Their services are not exclusive to Caribbean immigrants; any immigrant, regardless of their country of origin, may refer to these organizations to benefit from their services, including referrals to other organizations in New York. 

Caribbean American Society of New York 

The Caribbean American Society of New York is a nonprofit organization in New York City that aims to enhance Caribbean Americans’ social, educational, and economic well-being. The organization achieves this goal through various activities such as activism, charitable donations, cultural events, and educational programs.

Address: 133-55 242 Street

Rosedale, NY 11422

Phone: +1 718-276-5456

Email: info@casony.org

Indo Caribbean Alliance

The Indo-Caribbean Alliance (ICA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to unifying and advancing the interests of the Indo-Caribbean and South Asian communities. ICA provides:

  • Intake and consultation sessions.
  • Assistance with DACA renewals and citizenship classes.
  • Referrals for immigration legal services.

Additionally, ICA offers valuable resources such as Know Your Rights workshops, guidance with NYC ID card applications, English classes, voter registration assistance, and support for reporting exploitation and fraud. Through its civic education classes and advocacy efforts, the Indo-Caribbean Alliance strives to empower immigrants and promote social justice in the diverse fabric of New York City.

Address: 131-12 Liberty Avenue

South Richmond Hill, NY 11419

Phone: (718) 785-2911

Email: team@indocaribbean.org

Caribbean Equality Project 

Caribbean Equality Project (CEP) advocates for the rights and well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals of Caribbean descent. Founded in 2015, CEP is dedicated to fostering acceptance, visibility, and inclusion within Caribbean communities while addressing the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ Caribbean immigrants. 

Through its inclusive approach and commitment to intersectionality, CEP works to create safe and affirming spaces for LGBTQ+ Caribbean individuals and to build bridges between LGBTQ+ and Caribbean communities in New York City. Its work is instrumental in fostering acceptance and visibility for LGBTQ+ Caribbean immigrants.

The organization provides a wide range of support services, including counseling, peer support groups, and educational workshops on topics such as sexual health and identity affirmation. CEP also engages in community organizing, advocacy, and outreach efforts to promote policy changes and challenge discrimination and stigma.

Phone: (347) 709-3179

Email: info@CaribbeanEqualityProject.org

Caribbean Women’s Health Association

The Caribbean Women’s Health Association (CWHA) provides sensitive health services and programs tailored to Caribbean communities’ unique needs. These services include reproductive health care, HIV/AIDS prevention and testing, mental health counseling, and substance abuse treatment. CWHA also offers educational workshops, support groups, and community outreach initiatives to promote health awareness and empower women to make informed decisions about their health. 

CWHA advocates and collaborates with other organizations to address systemic barriers to healthcare access and eliminate health disparities among immigrant populations. By prioritizing culturally competent care and community engagement,       the organization promotes health equity and improves outcomes for Caribbean and immigrant women and families in New York City.

Immigrants will find other services, like: 

  • Medicaid health insurance enrollment
  • Citizenship/naturalization
  • Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewals
  • Employment authorization
  • Relative petitions
  • Consular processing (filing for relatives overseas)
  • Adjustment of status (green card)

Address: 3512 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Phone: (929) 399-8070

Email: sagront@cwha.org

Life of Hope

Life of Hope empowers and uplifts Haitian and other immigrant communities. Focused on providing comprehensive support and resources, Life of Hope offers a wide range of services to foster personal and community development. These services include educational programs, such as English language classes, youth mentorship, and health and wellness initiatives, including mental health counseling and healthcare access. The organization also assists with immigration-related needs, providing legal orientation and support. Life of Hope strives to help individuals achieve self-sufficiency and integration into American society by promoting economic empowerment through job training and employment counseling. Through its dedicated advocacy and community outreach efforts, Life of Hope enhances the quality of life for immigrants in New York City, providing a reassuring and supportive environment.

Address: 1377 Brooklyn Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Phone: (718) 362-3162

Email: info@lohny.com 

Haitian Women For Haitian Refugees 

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees (HWHR) is a grassroots organization advocating for the rights and welfare of Haitian refugees and immigrants. Founded in 1992 to support Haitian asylum seekers, HWHR provides legal assistance, English classes, and healthcare access. The organization also focuses on educational outreach and cultural preservation, helping refugees navigate their new environment while maintaining their cultural identity. HWHR is committed to social justice, addresses systemic issues affecting the Haitian community, and advocates for policy changes to support immigrant rights. Through comprehensive support and advocacy, HWHR promotes the well-being and resilience of Haitian immigrants in New York City.

Address: 3116 Clarendon Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Phone: (718) 462-0791

Email: haitianrefugees@gmail.com

Domestic Workers United

Domestic Workers United (DWU) advocates for the rights and fair treatment of nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers. Since 2000, the organization has worked to improve labor standards and conditions for domestic workers through organizing, education, and policy advocacy. DWU played a crucial role in the passage of the New York Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights in 2010, which grants domestic workers labor protections such as overtime pay, rest days, and protection from discrimination and harassment. 

Domestic Workers United seeks to transform the domestic work industry and uplift the voices of those often marginalized and undervalued. The organization provides support services, including legal assistance and leadership training, empowering domestic workers to advocate for themselves and their communities. Here are some of the services it offers.

  • Nanny training course
  • Fundraising training
  • Computer literacy
  • Leader training workshop
  • CPR certification

Address: 1000 Dean Street, Suite 432, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Email: DWUNewYork@gmail.com

Haitian American United for Progress (HAUPINC)

Haitian American United for Progress (HAUPINC) is the oldest Haitian organization that serves Haitian immigrants in New York. It focuses on enhancing the quality of life for Haitian immigrants and their families through various services and programs. Immigrants will find essential services such as:

  • Healthcare services
  • School enrollment referrals
  • Immigration legal orientation
  • Health insurance enrollment
  • IDNYC enrollment
  • Mental health counseling

HAUP also provides educational initiatives, job training, English language classes, and youth mentorship programs, helping individuals integrate into American society while preserving their cultural heritage. The organization also advocates for the rights and needs of the Haitian community at the local, state, and national levels. HAUPINC plays a vital role in supporting the Haitian diaspora in New York City by fostering empowerment and community engagement.

Jamaica Office

209-05 Jamaica Avenue

Queens Village, New York 11428


Brooklyn Office

1760 Nostrand Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11226


Hillside Office

197-17 Hillside Avenue

Hollis, New York 11423


Diaspora Community Services 

Diaspora Community Services (DCS) is committed to enhancing the well-being of individuals and families within immigrant communities. Focused on promoting health, economic empowerment, and social justice, DCS offers a wide range of services, including healthcare access, HIV/AIDS prevention, youth development programs, and housing assistance. Here are some of the services immigrants will find at DCS:

  • Sexual assault support
  • Civil legal advocacy/court accompaniment
  • Counseling/support groups
  • Criminal justice advocacy/court accompaniment
  • Crisis intervention
  • Employment counseling
  • Hospital/clinic/other medical response
  • Job training
  • Material assistance
  • Transportation
  • Victim/survivor advocacy

DCS also provides comprehensive health services, including:

  • Home health services
  • Healthcare providers
  • Mental health and substance abuse providers
  • Medications
  • Housing
  • Social services (such as food, benefits, and locating transportation)

For residential services, the Mothers Gaining Hope House offers shelter for up to 24 months for:

  • Pregnant and parenting individuals
  • Runaway or homeless adolescents ages 16–20
  • LGBTQ+ youth

Additionally, DCS supports youth development programs in North and Central Brooklyn, covering areas such as sexual reproductive health, substance management, HIV prevention, and HIV and Hepatitis C testing and prevention. Through community outreach, education, and advocacy, DCS addresses critical issues affecting marginalized populations, particularly those from Caribbean and African backgrounds, fostering resilience and self-sufficiency to create healthier, more empowered communities in New York City.

Address: 921B East New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Phone: (718) 399-0200

Email: info@diasporacs.org

Flanbwayan Haitian Literacy Project 

The Flanbwayan Literacy Project supports Haitian immigrant youth through education and literacy programs. Dedicated to easing the transition of newly arrived students into the U.S. educational system, Flanbwayan provides crucial services such as academic support, language acquisition, and cultural adjustment assistance. The organization works closely with schools, families, and community partners to advocate for Haitian students’ educational rights and ensure they receive the resources and opportunities needed to succeed. Flanbwayan empowers Haitian youth to thrive academically and integrate fully into their new communities by promoting literacy and educational equity. 

Young Haitian immigrants will find services like high school enrollment for immigrants, leadership programs and cultural activities.

Address: 3116 Clarendon Road, Brooklyn 

Phone: (718) 774-3037

Email: info@flanbwayan.org

Jahajee Sisters 

The Jahaje Sisters is dedicated to empowering Indo-Caribbean women and promoting gender equality. Rooted in the principles of sisterhood and community support, the organization addresses issues such as domestic violence, economic disparity, and cultural preservation. Through advocacy, education, and outreach programs, the Jahaje Sisters aim to uplift and inspire women of Indo-Caribbean descent, fostering a strong sense of identity and solidarity.  

   Their efforts include:

  • Providing resources for personal and professional development.
  • Organizing cultural events.
  • Creating safe spaces for dialogue and healing.

Email: ​jahajeesisters@gmail.com 

Phone: (347) 201-4931.

Konbit Nèg Lakay (KNL)

Konbit Nèg Lakay (KNL), a Haitian nonprofit community organization in Rockland County in 1987, is committed to assisting the Haitian community while fostering cultural awareness and understanding among all residents. It offers essential services such as free Citizenship preparation classes, literacy programs, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes. Additionally, KNL provides various programs to support education and legal advocacy, including after-school homework assistance, computer literacy courses, and reading programs for both children and adults. During the summer months, youth can participate in engaging summer reading programs. KNL assists individuals in navigating the legal process by offering support with applications for legal status, petition application forms, and application status checks. 

Address: 16 E Church St #5048, Spring Valley, NY 10977

Phone: (845) 425-4623

Email: kneglakay@aol.com

To request the addition of other organizations to this list, please contact Documented’s Caribbean Community Correspondent, Ralph Thomassaint Joseph, at ralph.thomassaint@documentedny.com

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